Fact Check: Cuomo was told in 2015 that NY would be15,783 ventilators short…

… and, he still hasn’t taken NY-based Remington Arms’ offer to make ventilators.

It has become a daily ritual: Gov. Cuomo warns the NY needs 40,000 ventilators and the Federal Government (think: Trump) is letting him down.

He conveniently forgets to mention that  his own public health task force told him that NY would be 15,783 ventilators short if hit by a “severe” pandemic … and provided him with “ethical” guidelines for rationing ventilators if faced with a shortfall.


More specifically …


Cuomo’s own task force told him:

More than 89,610 cumulative influenza patients would need ventilator treatment and 18,619 would need ventilators simultaneously at the peak of a severe pandemic.

Because the baseline assumption that 85% of ventilators in an acute care setting are in use during any given (non-pandemic) week, during a severe influenza pandemic, there is likely to be a projected shortfall of ventilators (15,783) during peak week demand.
2015 NY Ventilator Report

That’s what’s called a “fact”.

A second fact is that hospitals in NY did not buy 15,783 ventilators to fill the gap.

Why not?

Cuomo says that the Task Force concluded that NY would have enough ventilators to cover a “mild” flu pandemic and…

“The advisory task force report, never recommended the State procure ventilators — it merely referenced that New York wouldn’t be equipped with enough ventilators for a severe pandemic.”

So, I guess it was the Task Forces fault for “referencing” instead of “recommending.”

The Task Force’s justification: “We were simply asked to come up with ethical guidelines for allocating (i.e. rationing) ventilators when they’re in short supply.”

Which they did in their 272-page report “Ventilator Allocation Guidelines”.

Even that’s interesting.

In a couple of his press conferences, Cuomo has said something to the extent of “I don’t want to be the one to decide who lives or dies.  I wouldn’t know how to do that.”

Geez, Gov … Isn’t that your responsibility and the completed goal of your task force?


Adding fuel to the fire, Cuomo also likes to say:

There is no other way for us to get these ventilators.

We’ve tried everything else.

The only way we can obtain these ventilators is from the federal government. Period.

“Tried everything else”?

On March 23, Ken D’Arcy, the CEO of Remington,  wrote a letter to President Trump and Cuomo to say the company is willing to help with production and distribution of PPE and ventilators.

Remington has a plant in Ilion, NY totaling 1 million square feet, that is now freed up since they have been designated as a non-essential business.

We’re standing by ready, willing, and able to support in any way we possibly can.

It would be an honor for our company to donate space for the manufacture of mission-critical products, such as ventilators.

Cuomo — a staunch gun control advocate — hasn’t gotten back to the Remington Arms Company.

I guess that he thinks that would be making a deal with the devil.


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