The contrarian California docs who are challenging the scientific consensus.

YouTube blocked the video, but …   we’ve got it here!

Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massih are ER physicians with 40 years of hands-on experience with viruses and respiratory infections.

They’ve been digging deep into the coronavirus, stress-testing the consensus science and the public policy that’s derived from it.

Their approach:  analysis based on science, logic and “the actual facts of the case, not predictive models”.

Their general findings aren’t particularly controversial: “COVID-19 came here earlier than previously believed, is more ubiquitous and, ultimately for the general population, is less deadly than originally thought.”

So, why are they getting blocked?


The docs also conclude that quarantining healthy, non-vulnerable people and shutting down much of the economy is unprecedented and was a mistake.

Why? Because quarantining healthy people weakens immune systems making them even more vulnerable in the future … and because the collateral damage (e.g. unemployment, educational disruption, incidence of mental illness, mass avoidance of non-Covid healthcare, furloughed medical staffs) more than offset Covid’s relatively low death rate …  so, the country should be opened up ASAP.

Their argument is logical and laced with data from their practice and study results projected to larger populations.

Note: Some critics argue that they are cherry-picking data and making inappropriate extrapolations (i.e. comparing apples to oranges). Probably true, but so is everyone else these days.

Their only apparent ax-to-grind is that volume at the urgent care facilities that they own is down 50% since, they say, people think there’s a moratorium on non-Covid healthcare or are afraid they’ll catch Covid-19 at doctor’s offices.

Their contrarian viewpoint is drawing heavy fire from the “establishment” …  and has been blocked by YouTube for “Violating Community Guidelines”


We’ve already taken some grief for early versions of this post with some suggestions that we take it down.


We agree with the opinion offered by the scientific journal STAT that: “Scientists who express different views on Covid-19 should be heard, not demonized.”

At this moment of massive uncertainty, with data and analyses shifting daily, honest disagreements among experts with different training, scientific backgrounds, and perspectives are both unavoidable and desirable.

When the dust settles, few if any scientists — no matter where they work and whatever their academic titles — will have been 100% correct about the effects of Covid-19 and our responses to it.

That’s why we believe that the bar to stifling or ignoring academics who are willing to debate their alternative positions in public and in good faith must be very high.

A minority view, even if it is ultimately mistaken, may beneficially temper excessive enthusiasm or insert needed caveats.

Scientific consensus is important, but it isn’t uncommon when some of the most important voices turn out to be those of independent thinkers.

If you disagree with STAT’s point-of-view, hit delete and go on with your day.

Otherwise, here it is…

Click to view the hour long video.

If the video gets blocked again, click here to listen to (or download) the audio track

Or, if you’re time constrained, here’s a link to a key points transcript.


3 Responses to “The contrarian California docs who are challenging the scientific consensus.”

  1. Lso Says:

    OMG…these guys are so far out of their element. They are not using science but picking convenient data points and extrapolating them to their convenience. Just their country comparison ignores cultural differences. Fact is that despite social isolation COVID-19 became the leading cause of death in the US as of April 10th.

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