Survey: Some changes will endure post-coronavirus….

USC’s Annenberg School of Communications surveyed Americans about how they are living and coping with the rapid changes wrought by the pandemic … and which changes will endure. Source


Based on the survey’s findings, there are at least 10 areas where the outbreak is likely to have permanent effects on our personal, professional and cultural lives.

Here’s their list…


1. Working from home

42% of survey participants said the experience has made them want to work from home more.

They say that they are more effective working remotely … saving commute time offsets around home distractions.

Remote tele-working has traction that may be irreversible.


2. Seeing your doctor

Out of necessity, “telehealth is moving at the speed of light.”

Doctors and patients are now seeing that a wider range of services can be provided virtually.

Besides cutting out hassles like scheduling and waiting-room time, video visits make it easier for family members to observe and participate, a big boon for caregivers.


3. Shopping for groceries

Qnline purchase and home delivery of groceries surged during the coronavirus lockdowns.

A March 2020 survey found that 55 percent had shopped for groceries online, compared with 36 percent in a similar poll in late 2018.

More than half of those who purchased groceries online said the COVID crisis made them more likely to keep doing so permanently.


4. Staying in touch

Nothing like isolation to motivate people to stay in touch . And nothing like a good mortality threat to get older Americans to adopt video tools to get back in touch with friends.

“Plain phone calls now feel sort of shallow. We’re getting used to seeing people.”


5. Wearing face masks

While it’s never going to be a majority phenomenon, the practice may become routine in some settings and situations — in dense urban areas or on airplanes, for example, or when people with a cold or common flu need to venture out.

If enough the population is wearing a mask, then you won’t feel like a weirdo when you do.”


6. Going to the movies

“Movies will be one of the slowest things to return … and cinemas will close in droves.”

Streaming has filled the gap for consumers … and the studios have learned that they don’t need movie theaters to thrive (think: Trolls)


7. Traveling by air

Besides crash safety, airlines will need to convince customers that cabins are safe places to be.

Airlines will need to spend more to keep cabins (and rest rooms) clean and sanitized. Expect tougher screening of boarding passengers to keep “sickies” off the planes. Ventilation systems will need to be upgraded to improve air quality.

Increasing operating costs and low load factors will force airlines to cut routes and schedules.

TSA will have to figure out how to cope with masked travelers.


8. Riding public transportation

“Who wants to ride on a crowded bus or in subway car?”

Attitudes for public transit will shift from a economical, environmental, convenient … to a no choice necessity.

Screening passengers and spacing them on board will be necessary … and expensive.


9. Waiving privacy

For contact tracing to catch traction, the public will have to give up personal information.

Of course, the government and tech companies say the data will be secured and only used for specific public health purposes.

When health is concerned, people say they are willing to forego privacy.


10. Personal hygiene

“Thanks to the coronavirus, we all now know how to properly wash our hands (and how long it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice). And we won’t soon forget.”

78% of respondents report lathering up at least six times a day, more than double the pre-pandemic rate. And, 88 % say they are likely to maintain these habits once the pandemic is over.

Now, more than a third of Americans classify themselves as “germaphobes”.

Pass the hand sanitizer.  Hold the handshake.

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