UPDATE: Here we go again … “Science” takes still another u-turn.

It’s a bigger deal than whether we need to wipe down our counters and packages.

After months of telling us that the coronavirus lives on door knobs, countertops, packages and whatever … and that we need to disinfect all surfaces:

The CDC has issued a new directive that informs us that “The virus spreads easily between people, but not by touching surfaces, objects or animals


On it’s own, this course reversal doesn’t trouble me.

Yeah, people have become more germophobic … and, store shelves have been emptied as consumers stocked up on disinfectants.

That’s OK. It’s good hygiene and consumers will eventually work off their overstock.

My issue: This course reversal fits a bigger, problematic pattern.


Frankly, I’m getting tired hearing Cuomo, et. al., lecturing us to “follow the science and the data”

Why should we do that if “the science” keeps doing 180 course reversals and the data sucks?

“sucks”: adjective. 1. incomplete, inconsistent; problematic  2. unpleasant or inferior

Synonyms: horrible, wretched, atrocious,  terrible, dismal, awful, rotten, lousy,  bad, appalling. Source

Let’s look at the science & data track record…

Among the things we’ve been told:

  1. Fauci (Feb. 17): Risk of coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule”  Source
  2. Virus is not spread from person-to-person (i.e. no “community spread”)
  3. WHO (Feb.3): Travel bans are unnecessary and may be counter-productive. Source
  4. No need for masks – may increase risks (e.g. worn incorrectly; false sense of confidence)
  5. Virus lives on surfaces, transmitted by touching eyes, nose and  mouth.
  6. Fauci (March 9): Large gatherings are a ‘judgement call’ … cruises are ok for people with no other health issues  Source video
  7. Imperial College: 2 million deaths without shelter-in-place …  subsequently derided as‘totally unreliable’ and a ‘buggy mess’ Source
  8. IHME: 85,000 deaths by Aug. 4 … revised to 60,000 … current projection ~145,000
  9. Cuomo: 40,000 ventilators needed based on 3 statistical models
  10. Only those with severe symptoms need to be tested.

None of these are “little deals”.

These are fundamental conclusions that have largely guided policy decisions … and, all have been wrong … some dead wrong.

Is it too much to ask that the science & data be right more often than they’re wrong?

Until they are, tell me again, why they should be mindlessly followed.


UPDATE: Since we initially uploaded this post, Dr. Fauci has made another significant U-turn.

On May 12, the Washington Post reported Fauci warns that ‘consequences could be really serious’ if states move too quickly to reopen

A mere 10 days later, in a CNBC interview Dr. Anthony Fauci says staying closed for too long could cause ‘irreparable damage’

As Sleepy Joe Biden would say: “C’mon, man” … it’s hard to follow your thinking if your science is on all sides of the issue.

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    […] UPDATE: Here we go again … “Science” takes still another u-turn. It’s a bigger deal than whether we need to wipe down our counters and packages. […]

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