More: Can following “the science” be hazardous to your health?

Now, the WHO does a u-turn on masks.

Longstanding,  the “gold standard” WHO advised  against wearing masks, saying:

There isn’t enough medical evidence to support members of the public wearing a mask, unless they were sick or around people with the coronavirus. WebMD

Even the CDC bailed on this one earlier, so you had to see it coming…


Here’s the skinny…


On June 6 (<= just 4 days ago), the WHO spun another u-turn:

The World Health Organization has changed its stance on wearing face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People over 60 and people with underlying medical conditions should wear a medical-grade mask when they’re in public and cannot socially distance.

The general public should wear a 3-layer fabric mask in those situations. WebMD

The WHO didn’t apologize to the families of people who took their original advice, got infected and died.


This is another example of why I predictably cringe whenever I hear the phrase “follow the science and the data”.

When I do, I  keep bumping into myself.

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