WSJ: Not to worry, hospitals have capacity.

Today, the  WSJ concedes that  cases have spiked in some areas but advises us to…

Focus on the burden on hospitals, not on models’ oft-mistaken forecasts .


Specifically, the WSJ points out that — even in currently reported hot spots — hospitals have substantial unused capacity (beds) to cope with spikes …and, medical staffs are better prepared to treat patients more efficiently and more effectively.

Here are the numbers…


According to the WSJ:

Hospitals have capacity

Even in New York City, hospital utilization never exceeded 85% of capacity and 89% for ICUs.

New York City has 29% of its hospital beds and 34% of its intensive care units now available.

While Arizona has had an uptick in hospitalizations, about 59% of its emergency beds and 17% of ICU beds are unused.

In Texas, hospitalizations have been climbing, but weekly fatalities are down 40% from a month ago … and  more than a quarter (of hospital beds) are available.

Even in Houston which has experienced the biggest increase in hospitalizations, More than 20% of hospital beds are unused.


But the models say…

A Massachusetts General Hospital model predicted more than 23,000 deaths within a month of Georgia reopening but the state had only 896.

Stanford epidemiologist John Ioannidis explains:

“Forecasts may be more likely to be published or disseminated, if they are more extreme.”

As Gov. Cuomo conceded: “All the early national experts, all the projection models . . . They were all wrong.”

Yet, Cuomo continues to blame his misjudgments on “just following the data”.

And, national Democrats and the press are still promoting worst-case predictions, almost as if they’re hoping for worse so they can prove Donald Trump wrong.


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