Remember when Trump advised to to use scarves during mask shortage?

Of course, he was eviscerated by the med-science community and the mainstream media


Flashback to late March when community spread of the coronavirus was ramping up.

The WHO, the CDC and US Surgeon General were advising against wearing masks … saying that they were, at best minimally protective, could exasperate the problem if worn incorrectly and would distract people from handwashing and social distancing.

The real reason: masks were in short supply and the supply chain was impaired by Chinese hoarding and off-shored manufacturing.

In a Task Force press conference, Trump cut to the chase … said the real reason was the need to supply hospital workers with masks first … and he casually opined that, in the short-run, folks could stop-gap by using scarves or other face coverings as a make-shift protective shield.

click to view video (90 sec.)

Of course, Trump said it — and  he’s an MSM-certified idiot, so…


The MSM and med-science community had no choice but to pounce, right?

For example, CNBC reported doctors’ views that “there are pros and cons to using masks, makeshift or otherwise, in public.”

And, going a step further, CNBC (and many other outlets) channeled doctors’ saying:

“There is currently little empirical evidence to back up Trump’s recommendation that a scarf or other covering can substitute for a face mask.”

Fast forward to today…

The med-science community has broadly fessed up to the lie: all along, it was about supply shortages, not mask efficacy … and now positions masks as one of the most potent weapons in the fight against the coronavirus — something that was obvious to anybody with an ounce of common sense back in March.

Now, Trump is being blamed for some folks not jumping on the mask bandwagon.


History will likely find the med-science community’s early mask  brush-off as one of the great fails of the pandemic response.

It’s hard putting the “won’t help, might hurt” genie back in the bottle

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