Things to worry about…

Channeled from the Visual Capitalist

Just in case your 4th of July weekend was too celebratory, welcome back to reality.

The World Economic Forum surveyed 347 risk analysts on how they rank the likelihood of major risks we face in the aftermath of the pandemic.

In the survey, a “risk” is defined as an uncertain event or condition with the potential for significant negative impacts on various countries and industries.

These were the 10 risks considered most likely to occur:

  • 7 of the 10 most likely risks are economic
  • #5 is restriction of cross-border movement of people and goods
  • #9 is the risk of cyberattacks & data fraud
  • #10 is another coronavirus or other disease outbreak

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The risk analysts were also asked which of these risks they considered to be of the greatest concern for the world.

Here’s what they said…


In constructing their worry lists, the risk analysts elevated societal and geopolitical factors:

  • Another disease outbreak
  • Restrictions to cross-border movements
  • Exploitation of C-19 for political advantage
  • Humanitarian foreign / humanitarian aid
  • Surge in inequality & social divisions

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Below is a recap of all 31 risk factors considered, ranked by the analysts level of concern.

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Note that “Failure of education and training systems to adapt to a protracted crisis” is ranked near the bottom for both likelihood and level of concern”

I respectfully disagree with the analysts on that on …

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