Two Kamala Harrises make headlines in the same week.

What are the odds?

OK, everybody knows that on Thursday, Aug. 12, Hidin’ Joe Biden officially named Kamala Harris to be his VP running mate.

Coincidentally, another Kamala Harris made headlines this week; former WWE wrestler James “Kamala” Harris.


According to politically correct CNN, Mr. Harris passed away earlier in the week… Aug. 10 to be precise.

Here’s what makes that story interesting…


In his heyday, Mr. Harris was 6’7” and weighed in at 350 pounds.

Despite being from Mississippi, his stage name was “Kamala the Ugandan Giant.”


Go figure … that’s showbiz, I guess.


What are the odds that two people with the last name Harris — who go by the less-than commonplace nomer “Kamala” — make national headlines in the same week?


Here’s the sticky part:

The late Mr. Harris used to pronounce his stage name ““come-AAH-lah,”.

Biden’s running mate pronounces her name “comma-la” — like the punctuation mark. Source

Take care: both the candidate and her fawning media friends take any mis-pronunciation very seriously.

You’ve been warned.

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