Biden demonstrates how NOT to wear a mask…

For the can’t-make-this-stuff-up file

Remember a couple of months ago when the WHO, CDC, NIH (Fauci) and Surgeon General were advising against wearing masks?

At the time, among their arguments were that mask-wearing might give people a false sense of security — so they wouldn’t socially distance from others … that people would wear masks incorrectly — letting them slip down, breaching the protection … and that people would frequently touch their masks — transferring surface droplets to the “kill zone”.

I pooh-poohed that logic … until yesterday when I watched  Joe “National Mask Mandate” Biden give his speech in Manitowac, Wisconsin.

During the speech, Biden literally provided a demonstration on how not to wear a mask … and why their effectiveness may be overstated.

click to view the 30-minute speech



During the speech:

> Biden coughed several times.

> His mask kept slipping down  … breaching the protective seal

> Roughly once every minute of the speech, Biden reached up and touched the mask.

All the excuses that the med-scientists gave when they were advising against mask-wearing.

As Joe would say “I’m not making this stuff up”.

So Joe, if you’re going to champion the cause, at least wear your mask right, OK?


For the record:

Regarding mask efficacy: my best science source does work with both the NIH and the Chinese science community.  Their assessment: masks are about 15% effective inhibiting the exhaling or inhaling of the coronavirus.

My take: no panacea, but “what have you got to lose?”

So, I’m “on the program“ and the willingly wear a mask when I’m around non-family members.


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