CDC: 95% survivability rate if over 70 … higher with no symptoms, no co-morbidities.

Pres. Trump has tested COVID-positive… here are his medical odds.


Last week, the CDC updated its so-called Pandemic Planning Scenarios.

English translation: They revealed the key parameter settings for their “Current Best Estimate” of COVID outcomes.


Buried in the details (and minimally reported by the MSM) were IFRs — “infection fatality rates” … the odds of dying of you get COVID-infected.


Here’s the key exhibit from the CDC report.

There are 3 sets of numbers presented: a best case, a worst case and a “best estimate” (where “best” might be more appropriately called “most likely”).

Below, we’ll decode the numbers.


Let’s focus on the far right column — the “current best estimate” of the IFR — the  “infection fatality rate”.


The rates are very low … indicating that the likelihood of dying from COVID is very, very low … even if a person gets infected.

Let’s make those numbers a bit more understandable…


The 3rd column is the ISR — the “infection survivability rate” … the inverse of the IFR.

For example, if you’re in the 50 to 60 age group and you get infected, there’s  a 99.5% chance that you’ll survive … that you WON’T die.

Even in the most vulnerable age group (the over 70 crowd) the probability of surviving a COVID infection is over 95% … over 07% in the best case and over 91% in the worst case (see charts below).

The 4th column — the F-Odds — are read, for example, that the current best estimate is that 1 in 20 infectees who get infected succumb to the virus.

The grain of salt: COVID deaths are a reasonably accurate number .. but the number of infections is a wild guesstimate given the unknown number of asymptomatic infectees who don’t get tested.



2 Responses to “CDC: 95% survivability rate if over 70 … higher with no symptoms, no co-morbidities.”

  1. Los Says:

    He’s old, obese and low income, thus very high risk

  2. So, how risky is a Thanksgiving gathering? | The Homa Files Says:

    […] CDC: 95% survivability rate if over 70 … higher with no symptoms, no co-morbidities or younger. […]

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