The spirit of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley lives on…

Biden channels the political philosophy of Boss Daley.

If the story were simply about a cokehead son who frequented “professional” ladies, it wouldn’t deserve much attention.

But, far from being debunked, the hard evidence seems to be piling up that Joe Biden’s son Hunter made millions by trading on his family name and access to his V.P. father … and that Joe granted the necessary access, took actions as V.P. that supported his sons problematic activities … and profited handsomely himself by compromising his oath of office, the public trust …  and, perhaps, national security.

Of course, Biden isn’t the first politician to get caught doing so.

The Biden revelations brought back memories of my days living in Chicago, circa. 1973…


At the time, infamous Mayor Richard J. Daley (aka. Daley the First, Hizzoner, Boss Daley) was being criticized for directing some of the city’s insurance business to his son Johnny’s firm.

And, he was taking some heat because a Cook County Judge had named one of his  son Richie (who later got elected mayor himself) – to be a trustee in a class-action suit, funneling a $150,000 fee to him in the process.

The blustery mayor answered the critics who were accusing him of nepotism:

If I can’t help my sons, then (the critics) can kiss my ass.

I make no apologies to anyone.

There are many men in this room whose fathers helped them, and they went on to become fine public officials.

If a man can’t put his arms around his sons, and give them a hand, then what kind of world are we living in?”


Yeah, Mayor Daley … what kind of a world are we living in now?


My take:  Hunter would ordinarily be a sympathetic case that was off-limits to public scrutiny.  But, Joe was an enabler — probably with naive (but not innocent) intentions at first.

But, stuck in my memory is a long ago Dem primary debate when all the candidates volunteered that they’d would take the presidential job for a token dollar per year.

Biden demurred from that pledge, claiming that, unlike the other candidates, the presidential salary would be his only income.  So, he couldn’t give it up.

Sure looks like becoming VP opened up some additional income streams for him and his family…

For DC, that’s business as usual.

As one of my sons points out: “People are willing to tolerate a million dollars or so of political corruption”.

But, as the saying goes, a million here, a million there … and, suddenly you’re talking about real money.


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