Are Comey, Brennan and friends now off-the-hook?

Trump should coax Barr to name a Special Prosecutor.

I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t heard any punditry on this issue.

To refresh memories: In April 2019, AG Barr confirmed that he had initiated a review into “both the genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during 2016” — activities commonly known as “Crossfire Hurricane.”

And, Barr appointed U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham, a widely respected prosecutor, to investigate (with full subpoena powers) and, if appropriate, issue grand jury indictments.

The “usual band of suspects” were reported to be on hot seats, including Comey, Brennan, Strzok, et. al.

But, after 18 months of sleuthing, all that Durham has to show for his work is squeezing a felony guilty plea to  making a false statement in an official proceeding (i.e. lying in a FISA court submission).


Continually we’ve heard that the big shoe was about to drop.

But, COVID came and the process dragged on and on.

Then came the election and, of course, indictments couldn’t be dropped right before an election, right?

So what now?


I see only two Durham outcomes…

1) Durham declares the investigation to be successfully completed with no additional charges and indictments, or

2) Durham drops a big shoe and the big wig culprits (especially Comey and Brennan) get to take a perp walk.

My hunch: Trump will really turn up the heat on Barr who will coax Durham to bring charges.

But, Durham won’t … justice be damned … he’ll chicken out to the prospects of post-election screams of “political retribution”.

So, Trump is left with one option: Get Barr to name a Special Prosecutor (or a close cousin: Special Counsel).

If he doesn’t, Comey & Brennan will be freebirds … and both Barr and Durham will look like idiot-hacks for wasting over 18 months with nothing to show for their efforts.

But, what if Durham levies charges against Comey and Brennan … or, Barr names a Special Prosecutor?

That would put self-proclaimed President-elect Biden in a bit of an awkward position.

If he lets the case go forward, he will be, in effect, acknowledging that the Obama-Biden administration really was spying on the Trump campaign … and risks that the perps will get prosecuted and start to rat out their aiders and abettors.


Most likely, Biden would call off the dogs and have the DOJ back off the case (i.e. stop  Durham’s work (or fire a Barr-appointed Special Prosecutor).

Then, he’ll be accused of covering up that the Obama-Biden administration really was spying on the Trump campaign.

Double hmm.

Stay tuned on this one.

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