Does Fauci think before he speaks?

Loyal readers know that I’m no fan of Dr. Fauci.

It continues to amaze me that, despite all of his errant pronouncements and advice, that the MSM and half of America hangs on his every word.

This week, the media ubiquitous pop-doc went on CNN to reassure children that Santa is safe … that he (Fauci) personally vaccinated Santa and made sure that he was good to go.


All right, I understand that it was all intended to be in good fun, but…


But, doesn’t Fauci realize that (a) COVID is a serious matter, and (b) some people still think that he knows what he’s talking about? (c) everybody has been inundated with the “follow the science” mantra

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Headlines started cropping up…




Perhaps Fauci should have thought before he spoke and provided more adult-like advice as perennial  “Santa Helper” Paul Hoffman did way back in April.


Hoffman advised Santa to wear a mask and stay socially distant … behind a plastic shield, if necessary.

Fauci could have fine-tuned that message to calm kids’ fears.

But then, he wouldn’t have been able to claim that he personally saved Christmas.

I guess that would have been a big give up.

One Response to “Does Fauci think before he speaks?”

  1. Deepak Gupta Says:

    I can tell you, my kids are excited that Santa is coming this yr and they will be getting there gifts. They saw on momma’s laptop video that Santa got his shot. P.S: Now I am in trouble because the telescope my 7 yr old requested is heavily backordered and will be delivered in Feburary. I was trying to make up the story that Santa might get afraid of Virus and might not show up, but here we are.. ;-)

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