Rapid response: Feds open up vax for seniors and co-morbids.

I don’t want to claim credit, but…

Our early morning post (timestamped 8:30) highlighted the idiocy of trying to force feed inoculations on narrow populations that don’t seem to want them (e.g. half of all nursing home staff and law enforcers) … while there is a pent up demand among vulnerable folks who are chomping at the bit to get the vaccine (e.g. my wife & me).

For details, see What do lawyers, prisoners and ‘the media” have in common?

Well, 2 hours later (at 10:27 to be exact), the WSJ reported that:

U.S. officials will suggest anyone over 65 and those with pre-existing conditions be given the vaccine now, and will free up doses being held for second shots.

Of course, I wish the language were a bit stronger to read, say, “fiat” or “force” or “dictate”.

But, it’s a start.

Department of Health and Human Services officials are expected to provide details regarding the change later today.

Now, we Marylanders just have to wait & see if Gov. Hogan will “follow the science” … or, continue to prioritize young lawyers, prisoners and members of the media over vulnerable seniors.

Since Hogan has his eye on a 2024 presidential run, I doubt that he’ll be able to stonewall this one.

Sign me up!


P.S. Hat tip to President-Elect Biden for forcing the issue …

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