Support impeachment?

That’s the question that a couple of pollsters asked Americans … with predictable results

According to a Hill-HarrisX poll taken before the Congressional vote:

  • 44% support Trump’s impeachment and removal from office
  • 18% think that Trump should be censured
  • 38% said no action should be taken toward him.

  • 79% of Democrats said Trump should be impeached and removed
  • 71% of Republicans said no action should be taken
  • 38% of Independents think that Trump should be impeached & removed; 36% think that nothing should be done; 26% think that Trump should be censured.


A Politico-Morning Consult poll had similar findings:

Overall, 44% said ‘yes’; 41% said “no”; and 8% said “what?”

Digging into the details:

81% of Dems said ‘yes’; 84% of GOP said “no

> A plurality of Independents (44%) said “no”; 41% said “yes”.


So what happened?

Consistent with the surveys’ partisan findings:

> 222 Dems voted for impeachment

>  10 GOP voted for impeachment

> 197 GOP voted against impeachment

Depending on political leaning, the vote is being headlined as either “bipartisan approval” … or “party line vote”.

You decide.

Regardless, Biden’s First 100 Days just got a bit more complicated.

Vive la Unité!

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