Cross one off my worry list…

Maryland Gov. Hogan is 64 years old … which, last time I looked is younger than 65.

Nonetheless, he apparently was able to navigate the vax maze (which he created) better than I have been able to do.


I wonder if he worked through the same wild-goose-chase sites that he sent the rest of us Marylanders to…

I’m betting the under on that one.

On the bright side: only 999,997 shots until Biden his his goal.

2 Responses to “Cross one off my worry list…”

  1. Deepak Gupta Says:

    Mike Pence 61 yrs got VAX on Dec 19th and so did lot of other politicians, so why call out Gov Hogan alone

  2. Charlie J Maguire Says:

    “You silly Republican! Vacs is for Dems”! (with apologies to Trix cereal)

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