VAX Quest: Tomorrow, my cohort becomes officially legal.

Here’s how I’ve navigated the system so far.

In a prior post, I laid out the broad jurisdictional hurdles I was running into in my quest to get vaccinated.

See VAX: Of open borders and walls…

Those constraints are still in place, but I’m continuing to forge ahead.

To recap, here’s what I’ve done..

1. Submitted an online “vaccine request” to my home county’s health department.

Question: During a Biden-declared  national emergency, shouldn’t the health dept. be “working” more than  8 to 5, Monday to Friday?  You know, something like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until COVID is nailed.

2. Submitted online vaccine requests to six (6) hospital “groups”in my region.

Note: By definition, all 6 groups had more that one facility expecting to to receive and deploy vaccine.

Each of the hospital chains has a separate and distinct system for receiving & processing requests … and for scheduling.

There is no apparent inter-system data- sharing or coordination.

3. Submitted a vaccine request to one large standalone hospital.

Ironically, this hospital’s web site and online process was far slicker than any of the 6 chains’.

4. Got summarily rejected by one hospital group (Johns Hopkins) which only offers vaccinations to their current patients (i.e. must have been treated at a JHU medical facility in the past 2 years).

5. Duly noted local success stories of people who have gotten vaccinated

Mostly Florida “snowbirds”, medical personnel, K-12 teachers

One person scored via the county’s “official” system; another got an appointment directly through a hospital.

One bold person just showed up at a vaccination center and badgered the vaccinators until they finally said ok and jabbed him.

Anything I’m missing?


Stay tuned for the learnings that I’ve drawn from my experience so far…

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