VAX Quest: Are the “vulnerable” being prioritized?

Answer: Based on the data, not in my home county.

About the only finding that “the science” hasn’t wavered on is that older people are the most vulnerable to serious COVID consequences.

So, are they really being prioritized for vaccinations?

I live in Maryland and — being over 65 — I’m officially categorized as “vulnerable”.

I can’t go across my state border (i.e. access DC vaccine distribution) … and, Maryland counties are trying to restrict their vaccine distributions to their residents.

So, I’m pretty much stuck finding my vaccine in my home county: Anne Arundel.

Statistically and procedurally speaking, there’s no reason to believe that AA County data is projectible to any other spot in the universe, but it’s the data I have and it’s the most relevant to me.

So, what does the AA County data say?

  • 80% of vaccinations have gone to people under 60 years old
  • 14% has gone to people between 60 and 70 years old
  • Only 5% has gone to people over 70 years old


How can this be?

Simple: The top vaccine tiers include “essentials” — the vast majority of which are under 60 (i.e. they have low vulnerability) … and many of whom have questionable essentiality (e.g. virtual teachers who have no near-term commitment to in person teaching).



Data Note

To be fair, AA County says that:

CVS and Walgreens have completed COVID-19 vaccination clinics at Maryland nursing homes.

Clinics in assisted living facilities are underway.

That’s good! And, it’s not clear whether those vaccinations are included in the above numbers.

My hunch: They aren’t … and, they could swing the analysis.

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