Mask wars: How many masks are too few? Too many?

Sometimes, it’s hard to take “the Science” too seriously…

Let’s trace this through the headlines, starting with March, 2020.

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A couple months later, the nation’s Chief Political-Scientist had “modified” his position.



Now on the cable news circuit, Dr. Fauci is raising his game and telling folks to wear 2 masks (like he does,even though he has gotten 2 doses of the COVID vaccine).



But, other members of “the science” started staking out a higher ground: 3 masks.



As might be expected, some other members of “the science” raised the ante to 4 masks.



This would be funny if COVID weren’t such a serious matter.

The escalating scientific advice brought to mind a parody piece that The Onion ran several years ago.

Back then, razor companies had gone from 1 blade to 2 … to 3 … to 4.

Gillette razors only had 3 blades at the time and the company’s CEO was issuing a call-to-action  for his troops to innovate and  leap frog the competition: We’re Doing Five Blades!

Trust me, the parody is hilarious.

WARNING: Content is strictly adults only due to extreme profanity.
Definitely not for prudes or children.

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