VAX: Again, please quit teasing me !

Statistically insignificant, logistically nightmarish.

According to the WSJ

Team Biden announced a federal program starting Feb. 11 that will deliver vaccines directly to certain pharmacies, including ones operated by Walgreens, CVS, Kroger and Walmart.

Next week, a million doses being allocated to 6,500 stores next week.

If I’ve got the decimal point right, that works out to a whopping 150 doses per store.

Imagine if Apple were to launch a new generation iPhone by allocating 150 per store.

Statistically insignificant …  and logistically nightmarish for both stores (that need to staff up for low scale operations) and consumers (who will need to fight for appointments on the hellish scheduling sites).

Though I’m 24 x 7 on all the stores’ appointment scheduling systems, I think I’m more likely to get struck by lightning in the next couple of weeks than to get a shot at one of these places.

But, I’ll keep trying…


P.S. I wonder what the shipping container size is for the vaccines…

Given the deep-freeze storage requirements, I thought a shipping container of vax was much bigger than 30 bottles, each with 5 (or 6) doses.

Anybody know?

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