VAX: Why are there more than 40 million doses stockpiled?

Early on, Team Trump (and the states) were widely criticized for having about 20 million “unused” vaccine doses sitting in inventory.

About half of the “distributed but not administered” doses was an oversupply to long term care facilities … and, about half was being held in inventory to ensure 2nd doses were available folks who had received their 1st doses.

Team Biden is way more efficient in vaccine distribution.

That must be so, because Biden says so (repeatedly) and the mainstream media confirms it.

But, the data seems to contradict…

Over the past month, the the stockpile of unused doses has about doubled … to over 40 million doses.


States continue to clamor for more vaccine and have substantially boosted their vaccination rates, especially at mass vaccination sites.

So, what’s going on?

Best that I can tell, the excess doses originally shipped to Walgreens & CVS for long term care facilities has been redistributed to “public” vaccination sites — mostly retail pharmacies.

But, as a matter of policy, doses are still being held in reserve, earmarked for 2nd shots.

That was understandable at the beginning of the year when the vax companies were fine-tuning their processes and ramping-up their production.

But, now the vaccine manufacturers are producing at higher rates that are steadier and more predictable.

So, why not release the stockpile for 1st shots … and, handle 2nd shots “on the come.”

That would get us closer to herd immunity faster!

C’mon man…

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