Bueller Effect: Vax side effects will increase … guaranteed.

Biden plan laden with unintended consequences.

On Wednesday, without acknowledging the accomplishments of the Trump administration, President Biden took a victory lap since the U.S. is blowing past the 200 million shots mark.

For the record, note that 192 million of the doses are Pfizer and Moderna – approved and launched by the Trump administration.  Only about 8 million are J&J — spurred by Operation Warp Speed, but approved, launched and stutter-stepped by the Biden administration.


After patting himself on the back, Biden announced a new plan to boast vaccination interest among the still-to-be-vaccinated population:


In a nutshell, companies large & small will be incentivized (i.e. “pressured”) to give employees paid time off to get vaccinated  … and paid time off to recover from any vaccination after effects.

Sounds reasonable until you ask: “Any likely unintended consequences?”

About 80% of vax recipients report minor after effects such as fatigue, headache and muscle pain that usually dissipate after a good night’s sleep.  Source

When pressed, only about 10% to 15% of vax recipients say that their side effects that were “significantly noticeable,” Source

My hunch: The prevalence of claimed  “significantly noticeable” vax after effects will sky-rocket when vax recipients are offered the prospects of a couple days of paid vacation (twice if the get Pfizer or Moderna shots)

It’s human nature … it’s Freakanomics (aka Behavioral Economics) … it’s the law of unintended consequences … it’s the Bueller Effect


The possible ultimate irony: The likely spike in vacation-incentivized claims of “significantly noticeable” after effects may end up inducing a higher level of vaccine hesitancy among people who are already fearful of side effects. 

I guess that Biden hasn’t read Freakonomics

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