Fauci: Slim majority of NIH employees have been vaxed…

Finally, an answer to a question that I’ve been asking.

Frankly, when it comes to vaccine efficacy & safety, I don’t find testimonials from politcos, Hollywood celebs or sports stars to be very compelling.

The relevant info, in my opinion, comes from doctors and subject matter scientists: Have they (and their immediate family) been vaccinated? If yes, which brand of vaccine?

I’ve been frustrated getting credible numbers re: healthcare professionals. Best guess: 60% overall, 70% front line, 80% doctors.

See Why have so few healthcare workers been vaccinated?

And, there has been a data void re: employees at NIH or the CDC.

That is until now.

Last week, during a hearing, Sen. Burr asked Fauci and Wolensky a direct question: How many employees in your agencies have been vaccinated?

I wouldn’t think that there would be any vax-hesitants walking those halls…. so, I’d expect the number to be near 100%.


When asked, Fauci stammered, then said “a little more than half”.


That’s barely about the national average (which includes the media- labeled  “Neanterthal Trump supporters”)

Wolensky ducked the question: ‘There’s no Federal requirement for us to collect and report those numbers”.

Anybody remember Gore’s “There’s no controlling authority” defense for taking foreign campaign contributions?

English translation: “An embarrassingly low number.”

Here’s the 1-minute clip of the Q&A exchange.


For sure, the clip won’t find it’s way into any vax- inspirational PSAs.

But, it’s gotta give pause to people yet to be vaccinated if the vaccine is being shunned by a statistically significant number scientists who are working on the vaccines and constantly pouring over the data re: efficacy and safety.

Do they know something that they’re not telling us?



P.S. I’m fully vaccinated (Moderna) … and don’t regret my decision.  Now, I’m rooting for high mRNA vaccination rates, but not holding my breath.

One Response to “Fauci: Slim majority of NIH employees have been vaxed…”

  1. Dixie C Says:

    I did several projects at the NIH a while back, and was surprised to learn how many non-scientist and non-medical personnel support the Agency. Some, but not all of that large group that supports the STEM folks are contractors, so wouldn’t be included as employees. NIH workers come from all socioeconomic and ethnic groups and fill a wide variety of roles. So it’s not surprising that many if the support staff might reflect hesitancy similar to the national picture.

    Besides a large administrative staff, cafeteria, cleaning, maintenance, transportation and security personnel, the NIH even has its own fire company, trained to deal with it’s laboratories and medical facilities. The campuses are rather like self-sufficient towns.

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