Countering cyber-terrorism with equity math … say, what?

I’m still scratching my head over Team Biden’s public response to the Colonial Pipeline hack & shut-down.

Let me count the ways:

1. Biden: “The Russian government (i.e. the iron-fisted Putin) had no knowledge and no involvement.”

My take: Biden was probably confusing Putin with Sergeant “I See Nothing”  Schultz (from Hogan’s Heroes).


2. Biden, when asked if he approved the policy-busting ransom payment to terrorists: “No comment”.

My take: If you think that paying people to not work doesn’t disincentivize job-seeking, then it logically follows that paying ransom to terrorists does not incentivize terrorist acts.


3. Energy Secretary Granholm: “This is another good  reason to drive electric cars.”

My take: Does she have any idea where and how the electricity that fuels electric vehicles is produced?


4. Biden when asked how U.S. will counter cyberterrorism: “More education”.

Let’s go into some detail on this one…

The first 3 are patently incredible on their obvious merits (demerits?).

The last, an off-the-cuff statement is another example of why Biden’s handlers don’t want him to answer questions.

For sure, U.S. needs more American students studying technical STEM subjects.

But, that’s, at best, a long-run fix that won’t provide much near-term protection.

Even then, there is a grand irony that Biden is casually promoting technical education at the same time that he’s supporting (or at least, not opposing) the “equity mathematics” movement that is advocating:

> The end of racially-toxic right answers and “dictated” solution methods … to be replaced by  free-form methods, approximate answers and “nice tries”.

> The elimination of advanced mathematics in high school …  to mitigate cultural disadvantage and keep all students at the same terminal level of proficiency.

With some American educators seriously considering those misdirections, I doubt that more education will counter the cyberterrorism threat either short- or long-run.

How many cyberterrorists do you think are rushing to enroll in equity-math courses?

If your answer is greater than zero, then I’m betting the under.

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