More re: college vaccine mandates … liability?

Northwestern student reportedly dies of heart failure after getting vaccinated.

Yesterday morning, we explored the ethics of college vaccine mandates.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I caught a chilling, related story:

  • Northwestern is one of roughly 450 colleges requiring that students get vaccinated.
  • In compliance, 19 year old Simone Scott got vaccinated.
  • On May 16, two weeks after getting her 2nd vaccine dose, she suffered a case of apparent myocarditis-induced heart failure … a known but rare side effect of the vaccine.
  • Despite heroic medical efforts — including a heart transplant — Simone died on June 11.
  • Her doctors have not specified the vaccination as causal, but have provided no alternative explanation.


My questions:

  1. Why hasn’t this story been widely reported?
  2. To what extent is Northwestern (and other colleges)  liable if they coerce students to get vaccinated … and the  students suffer severe, potentially fatal side effects.


Regarding, the lack of media coverage, the answer is fairly obvious.

First, the story would certainly throw  some cold water on the current push to get everybody vaccinated.

Second, yesterday’s reporting was by Alex Berenson — a former NY Times reporter — with a history of challenging Facebook-approved covid orthodoxy in books and on a web site bannered “Unreported Truths”.

Said differently, the MSM brands him a conspiracy theorist — despite his data-rich, fact-based analyses.

My take: reading and listening to Berenson, he strikes me as a fairly balanced reporter who tells it like it is … and doesn’t tow either party’s line.

That said, I encourage everybody to read Berenson’s detailed account of Simone’s story … and draw your own conclusions.


My take on the liability question …

For sure, colleges and universities are going to be subject to ethical challenges and  headline-quality lawsuits over liability in the albeit rare cases when vaccination side effects take a toll.

It’s easy to foresee things getting pretty messy … very fast.

And, it’s only a matter of time until “the issue” spreads to corporate vaccine mandates.

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