Uh-oh, Joe: Biden’s approval numbers slipping fast…

According to RCP’s poll-of-polls, Biden’s job approval stands at 50.7% … 5 of the last 9 polls tracked by RCP have him below 50%.



According to the left-leaning Morning Consult, Biden’s most severe slippage is among Independents … 44% of them approve of the job Joe is doing, 49% disapproval, for a net disapproval of 5 percentage points (the green line below) … that’s a 21 point drop from in net approval since January (from plus 6 to a negative 5)


Most telling, among Independents, Biden has a net disapproval on ALL issues except his handling of the coronavirus … and, he’s falling fast on that issue … from a net approval of 30 points to a net approval less than 10 percentage points.


Digging deeper, on Biden’s most disapproved issues, he is underwater with a net disapproval of

  • 24 percentage points on immigration
  • 22 points on guns
  • 20 points on national security
  • 12 points on the economy.
  • 8 points on energy
  • 4 points on jobsimage

It definitely looks like the honeymoon is over…

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