Seriously, why hasn’t the Afghan Taliban been besieged by Covid?

A week or so ago, the Babylon Bee ran this satire piece:


Fake-quoting CNN anchors:

“The Taliban is showing all of us the proper way to behave during a pandemic — something those horrible idiot Trump supporters don’t seem to get.”


That got me thinking…

Why are there no reports of a rampant Covid spread around Afghanistan.

Despite the odds, has  Afhganistan been spared from the virus and his consequences ?

Seems unlikely.

When I see pictures coming out of Kabul, I see large crowds, tightly packed, minimal sanitation … ripe for superspreading.


Despite the Bee’s insinuation to the contrary, the Taliban warriors aren’t pictured wearing N-95s.


Gotta believe that the Afghan hospital system is a mess … and focused on fighting casualties.

So why haven’t there been reports of soaring Covid case rates … and high Covid-related death counts?


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