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Finally, I agree with Fauci on something…

September 13, 2021

But, it raises a big question: Why isn’t there more emphasis on antibody testing?

OK, Biden has declared war on the unvaccinated.

Putting aside the constitutional questions, I’m swayed by the opposition’s arguments re: natural immunity.

On CNN (of all places!), Dr. Sanjay Gupta challenged our chief political-scientist Anthony Fauci.

Paraphrasing Gupta’s question: The science (and its data) show that unvaccinated covid survivors have a much higher level of antibodies than previously uninfected vaccinated people.  So, what’s the logic for making those people take a potentially risky vaccination shot?

Watch the 1-minute video posted here to see the exact question and Fauci’s surprising (to me) answer.


Fauci’s response: “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that”.

He then goes on to diminish the referenced Israeli study asserting that it didn’t investigate the “durability” of natural immunity (i.e. whether the protection diminishes over time and, if it does, how quickly).

Wrong, Dr. Fauci.

The Israeli study did test the durability and concluded that natural immunity is at least as durable as vaccine durability.

Which begs a broader question:

Why aren’t we doing more antibody testing to calibrate the level of immunity that people have?

First, that would use “the science and the data”  to determine whether an unvaccinated person really needs to get vaccinated.

Second, it would provide a scientific determination of whether (or when) vaccinated people (like me) might need to get a booster.

Rather than “how many weeks after last shot”, the criteria would be “how many antibodies?”.

Why use time stamped average rate of protection diminution instead of a precise antibody count?

And, why make protected people take a shot?