Are you smarter than a rocket scientist or neurosurgeon?

The answer may pleasantly surprise you…

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recently published an article addressing the question: Who’s smarter, a rocket scientist or a neurosurgeon?

They tested a sample of the two brainiac-typed groups … and, for yuks, threw in a group of “average Joes”.

The researchers used factor analysis to cluster the results of the tests into six “domains of intelligence”.

The results are charted below … the red squares are the brain surgeons … the blue dots are the rocket scientists … and the dotted line is set by Average Joe.


> The rocket scientists were remarkably average … all of the blue dots are insignificantly distanced from the dashed benchmark set by Average Joe

> The brain surgeons exhibited a significant edge (vs. both the rocket scientists and Average Joe) on problem solving speed.

> But, that edge was offset: the brain surgeons scored below average on memory recall speed.

Bottom line: “Don’t put too much stock in someone’s profession when assessing their intelligence.

Most of us are pretty average, despite what we may want to believe.”


I don’t know if that’s good news or bad news.

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