NYT: “CDC hoping that we’ll figure Covid out on our own”..

Yesterday, we spotlighted a Washington Post  editorial  headlined


The essence of the editorial:

As Covid-19 swept the world one year ago, the United States under-prioritized the need for data and the tests that produce it.

The data-deficient response to Covid-19 is why this pandemic’s been so deadly, so disruptive and so costly.


Putting it more viscerally, the NY Times says:


Some snippets from the Times article:

The government’s haphazard and disorganized Covid response has put the whole country at risk.

We aren’t expecting officials to have crystal balls about everything, but…

The highest-ranking public health officials are making statements that seem more aimed at covering up or making excuses for ongoing failures, rather than leveling with the public.

it’s so disappointing to enter 2022 with 2020 vibes, scouring for supplies, trying to make sense of official declarations that don’t cohere, and wondering what to do.

Why, two years into the pandemic, are people are grasping to know whether they should see a grandparent or an elderly relative or go back to work if they are still testing positive?

Why are we still trying to figure this out on our own?

My question: Why has it taken the WaPo and NY Times so long to notice that “the science” has been letting us down.

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