Remember when Trump advised us to use scarves during mask shortage?

Of course, he was eviscerated by the med-science community and the mainstream media

Yesterday, we posted about the absurd “scientific” conclusion that the best way to stop covid spread was for everybody to start wearing panty hose over their faces, under their masks.

And, we asserted that if Trump had recommended pulling panty hose over our heads, he would have been ridiculed, called a science-denying moron and a misogynist for telling people to appropriate a gender-specific piece of clothing.

For a case in point, let’s flashback to a May 2020 HomaFiles post…

In late March 2020 when community spread of the coronavirus was ramping up…

The WHO, the CDC, US Surgeon General and Tony “Mr. Science” Fauci were advising against wearing masks … saying that they were, at best minimally protective, could exasperate the problem if worn incorrectly and would distract people from handwashing and social distancing.

“The science” of covid transmission was unsettled.  Scientists were unsure how the virus was transmitted … by touch or by air. There were published peer-reviewed studies on both sides of the issue.

That said, the underlying tiebreaker for the science community’s advisories: masks were in short supply and the supply chain was impaired by Chinese hoarding and off-shored manufacturing.

In a Task Force press conference, Trump cut to the chase … said the real reason was the need to supply hospital workers with masks first … and he casually opined that, in the short-run, folks could stop-gap by using scarves or other face coverings as a make-shift protective shield.

click to view video (90 sec.)

Of course, Trump said it — and he’s an MSM-certified idiot, so the media pounced:

Of course, there’s more to the story…


The MSM and med-science community had no choice but to pounce, right?

For example, CNBC reported doctors’ conflicting views that “there are pros and cons to using masks, makeshift or otherwise, in public.”

But, finessing the issue, CNBC (and many other outlets) headlined doctors saying:

“There is currently little empirical evidence to back up Trump’s recommendation that a scarf or other covering can substitute for a face mask.”



The med-science community “evolved” to the data-late position that masks should be a mandated weapon in the fight against the coronavirus.

But, they castigated Trump for suggesting a stop gap when masks weren’t available … a “hack that made more sense than pulling panty hose over your face, right?


BTW: Have you noticed how many passively aggressive people are still wearing gaiters instead of masks?

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