Worth Reading: Putin’s motivations and Biden’s responses.

Our recent posts with current relevance…

So, why is Putin so keen on Ukraine?
Here’s some “must know” background on Ukraine

Putin says he doesn’t want to share a border with a NATO member, but …
If he takes all of Ukraine, he’ll share a border with Poland and Romania … both NATO members!


Biden channels Meatloaf …
He will do anything to curb inflation (but he won’t pump oil)

Biden’s only realistic option: reverse his dumbest decisions.
Pump oil to stop funding Russia’s aggression and slow the rate of inflation … here’s the data!

Bloomberg: Gas tax “holiday” is a dumb idea…
Prices at the pump have already soared and will go even higher given the Russia-Ukraine mess (and Biden’s anti-oil policies).

More: Gas tax “holiday” is a dumb idea… February 24, 2022
Equivalent to cutting the infrastructure bill’s commitment to roads by about 40%.

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