Manchin for President?

Conspiracy scenarios to shelve Sleepy Joe.

This headline caught my eye:


According to CNBC:

A group of his bipartisan donors have privately said they hope Manchin changes parties and runs for president as a Republican against Biden in 2024.

Some of the donors, who once supported Trump, look at Manchin and his stances against some of his party’s policies as someone who could successfully run in a Republican primary and then possibly defeat Biden.


A couple hurdles: (1) Winning the GOP primary (against, say, Trump or DeSantis) and (2) Facing a more formidable Dem candidate than Old Joe if he was the GOP candidate (though I can’t think of one off the top-of-my mind).

OK, scratch that idea.


Here’s a quicker path to the Presidency for Manchin:

1. GOP takes the House and Senate in November.

2. Dems throw Harris under the bus … She graciously resigns as VP and takes a cushy position as Ambassador to Slobovia (Note: Would have to promise her that she wouldn’t have to really go there or do any work) … or give her a lifetime appointment as a Federal judge in California (Note: Try to contain the damage there).

3. Biden’s puppeteers cajole him to nominate Manchin to replace Harris as VP … GOP majority Congress approves the pick.

4. Biden gets slapped with the 25th Amendment (Note: odds are good that he wouldn’t have seen that coming in the prior steps)

5. Senator Manchin becomes President Manchin.

6. President Manchin nominates another moderate Dem (again, I can’t think of one off the top of my head) to re-fill his vacated VP slot.

7. Manchin runs against DeSantis in 2024 … best candidate wins.


OK, there’s no chance of either scenario materializing … but, you gotta give me credit for creativity and admit that it would be fun to watch.

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