Half of all bachelor’s degrees are in 5 fields…

Which ones may surprise you…

According to the Education Data Initiative ….

More precisely, 50.8% of all bachelor’s degrees are in 5 fields.

  • 19.1% in business
  • 11.9% in health professions
  • 8.0% in social sciences and history.
  • 5.9% in psychology.
  • 5.9% in biological and biomedical sciences.


I was surprised by the number of business and health-related degrees.

Note that of the STEM disciplines, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics don’t make the top 5

Geez, if there has to be an unconstitutional loan forgiveness program, why isn’t it at least targeted at those critical STEM studies?


One Response to “Half of all bachelor’s degrees are in 5 fields…”

  1. Bob Heflin Says:

    Hi Ken
    When I entered Ohio State in 1962 , I enrolled in the Engineering school. It was a 5 year program and my tuition was $90/ quarter. My books and engineering instruments cost more than tuition. Like many students I took 2 national defense loans and paid them back at 3% interest over 10 years. My senior year, 66/67 school year, I interviewed 30 companies, worked that list down to 10, made visits to all of them and received a job offer from all 10. I chose GE. Jobs for Engineers were plentiful. My brother entered OSU in the fall of ‘68. Engineering had already changed to a 4 year program. He graduated in 1974, had 1 job offer, took it and stayed 30 years. It only worsened from there. Manufacturing was moved overseas, mostly to China and the need for people with the STEM degrees has become low. What a shame.
    Da Cuz

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