AAA: Gas prices up almost 3.5% in a month …

That’s a whopping 50% annualized inflation rate!

AAA reports gas prices every day.

Today’s report pegs a gallon of regular at $3.81 per gallon.

That’s up 3.45% from a month ago … which equates to a 50% annual compound rate.

For reference, today’s price is up 3.73% from a year ago … and up 52% since Biden was inaugurated.

Biden’s answer: squash the U.S. energy producers, cozy up to the Saudi, Iranian and Venezuelan dictators.

Might work…  since “nobody (effs) with a Biden”


One Response to “AAA: Gas prices up almost 3.5% in a month …”

  1. Bob Heflin Says:

    Hi Ken
    And the Saudi’s cut production to tell Joe what they thought of him!
    Here in Texas gasoline prices are lower but still over $3/gal.
    Wife Linda has a Kroger gas card that gives us $0.55/gal off when we use 100 pts. You get points by buying food and other items at Kroger. Yesterday she used 300 points, filled both cars from the same pump and saved $0.85/gal!!! Net price was $2.249/gal- got 19.157 gal. Really helps!
    And we have 2+ years of this guy as Pres??
    Wow! I can only imagine how much more damage this guy can to the the American people!!
    Da Cuz

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