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Big Apple, not Big Brother is following you and your iPhone …

March 5, 2012

And the irony is that, in this case, Big Brother is Apple … not the Orwellian-feared government.

How so?

Some Apple apps can jack your address book, photos, and location coordinates.

In other words, all your private stuff.

More specifically, according to the NY Times

The private information and photos on your phone may not be as private as you think.

There are reports that some apps are taking people’s address book information without their knowledge.

As it turns out, address books are not the only things up for grabs.

Photos are also vulnerable.

After a user allows an application on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to have access to location information, the app can copy the user’s entire photo library, without any further notification or warning, according to app developers.

When the devices save photo and video files, they typically include the coordinates of places where they were taken — creating another potential risk.

Conceivably, an app with access to location data could put together a history of where the user has been based on photo location.”

“It’s very strange, because Apple is asking for location permission, but really what it is doing is accessing your entire photo library.”

I guess Apple was right … 1984 is here.

Thanks to MET for feeding the lead.

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Move over Angry Birds … I need my iPad to edit a Powerpoint pitch.

February 17, 2012

I got an iPad last summer, but have been having trouble finding really useful things to do on it.  Even emails seem to have major limitations.

Hall talk with colleagues indicated that they were running into the same situation: great for playing games and watching Netflix, but limited re: practical apps.

That may be ending.

More start-ups are writing productivity apps for the iPad … including Quickoffice — which has a cheap app for viewing and editing Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

Anybody out here try Quickoffice yet?

Excerpted from Business Week: Microsoft Office-like apps are a big hit on Apple’s tablet

Quickoffice, an iPad app for viewing and editing Microsoft Office documents was regularly among the top-three highest-grossing apps throughout 2011.

The app can open and edit documents from Microsoft’s most popular productivity software programs: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also ties into cloud-based storage providers such as Dropbox and and social networks such as Facebook, so users can easily store and share those documents.

The app’s $20 price tag is high relative to the app store’s typical $0.99 offerings, but Quickoffice’s CEO says he’s not worried about appealing to everyone.

“I don’t care about units, I care about money.”

Quickoffice’s sales topped $30 million in 2011 and are expected to grow more than 50 percent in 2012.

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