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Tesla collides with “mobility justice”…

December 14, 2021

From the “Had to see this one coming” file.

Two “progressive” causes are on a collision course.

Climate Control and Environmental activists are flooring the accelerator on electric vehicle adoption.

But, Racial Justice activists are concerned that EVs may impede “mobility justice.”

The Washington Post has stepped up to pour fuel to the fire:


Here’s my Cliff Notes version of the WaPo exposé:

This question must be approached from the viewpoint of “environmental justice

While electric vehicle use is growing rapidly in well-to-do, mostly White communities, minority neighborhoods are being left behind.

It’s a question  of “mobility justice.”

“They have put Black and Brown people, the people who can least afford it, at the mercy of the market,”

In urban neighborhoods, residents lack driveways or garages and must rely on street parking.

The question: where and how for residents to charge their electric cars.

Look at any map of charging stations in the United States, and in most of the big cities, what is immediately apparent are big blank spaces coinciding with Black and Latino neighborhoods. Electric vehicle advocates call them charging deserts.

“Chargers are only in the expensive parking garages patronized by doctors and professors.” 

 “It’s a sign of gentrification when you see chargers.”

In the coming age, the lack of charging stations and electric vehicles that depend on them threatens to worsen an already disproportionate exposure to air pollution in minority neighborhoods and relegate Black and Latino drivers to gasoline-powered cars.

Blacks and Hispanics on average bear a ‘pollution burden’ of 56% and 63% excess exposure, respectively.

“This huge investment in electric vehicles just traps minorities in a car-dependent, asphalt-heavy future.”

Pittsburgh, where the worst air pollution closely tracks with historic Black neighborhoods, has produced a “Mobility Vision Plan” that seeks to “advance mobility justice to redress the infrastructure racism of the past.”

A nonprofit organization wants to refashion urban buildings for the coming century, installing co-located coffee shops and EV charging stations. They’ll call them Jolt — get a slug of caffeine while your EV gets an electric charge. 

Save for the cheap shot at professors, we shoulda seen this one coming…



Are people buying in to climate change?

December 4, 2015

How big of a worry is climate change?

According to Gallup, a slim majority of Americans think that climate change is “not a worry at all” or is “a little bit of a worry”.

Hardly hysteria.

The issue ranks #14 on Gallup’s list of top worries … about twice as many people think that the economy and government spending is a big deal.

People are way more concerned about crime & violence, terrorism and the availability & affordability of energy.




And, even more interesting than the polling data is how people are acting in the free market …


Flambé: Tesla hits phantom steel object and does a Dreamliner …

October 4, 2013

Guess what: Big batteries – when subjected to trauma – catch fire … whether in the air  (787) or on the ground (Tesla).

Earlier this week, a Youtube was posted showing a Tesla on fire.

Audio: “Dude, that’s a brand new car … wow”

click to view

Here are some details …


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