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Full circle: Hillary has herself to blame …

September 12, 2016

Hillary’s FBI interview teed-up her health as a reason for concern.


The disclaimers: I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on TV (<= line is from a 1960s TV commercial) … and I don’t wish ill health on anybody, ever, for any reasons.

That said, let’s connect a couple of dots re: Hillary’s health …


Back in 2012, she fainted and suffered a concussion

That happens, no big deal, right?


Probably just a coincidence, but note the timing:

It happened after the Benghazi terrorist attack and before her Benghazi testimony to Congress … a period of high personal stress, I imagine.

The implication – according to CNN:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sustained a concussion after becoming dehydrated and fainting, and will no longer testify Thursday before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.



Retrospectively, husband Bill filled in a couple of pieces …


Smoking Gun: CNN anchor:“We’re helping her (Hillary) as much as we can”

August 13, 2016

This isn’t exactly new news , but for those who cling to belief that CNN is an unbiased source of news …


Speaking of Hillary Clinton’s campaign –- specifically her fund-raising from fat cats – CNN anchor Chris Cuomo (son of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo) blurted out the usually veiled truth:

We couldn’t help her any more than we have.

She’s got just a free ride so far from the media.

We’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign.

So, it had better happen.

As Gomer Pyle would say:

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

The media bias may not be new news, but the explicit admission by one of the players sure is.


Watch it for yourself.

The clip is less than a minute … Cuomo starts about 25 seconds in.

Click to view video



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Are those Hillary’s footsteps that O is hearing ?

June 21, 2010

Last week in the Homa Files we opined that President Obama made a critical mistake when he heeded Michelle’s advice and passed on Hillary as his VP

My argument: Obama has no operating people in his posse of lawyers, academics and political hacks – Hillary would have made an effective COO.

For the record, the Homa Files was on record before a flurry of Hillary chatter.

A day after our post, Sally Quinn wrote in the Wash Post that Hillary and Joe Biden should switch jobs. 

Her logic: it would position Hillary for 2016.

But there’s more …

* * * * *

Buried in a weekend WSJ opinion piece on how snakebit the President appears, Peggy Noonan snuck in a showstopper:

“ … among Democrats — and others — when the talk turns to the presidency it turns more and more to Hillary Clinton.

“We may have made a mistake. She would have been better.”

Sooner or later the secretary of state is going to come under fairly consistent pressure to begin to consider 2012.“

WSJ, A Snakebit President, Noonan, June18, 2010

* * * * *

A couple of factoids:

Shortly after the 2008 election, a plugged-in politico told me that Hillary was looking towards 2012 by “keeping the core of her campaign group, expecting Obama’s presidency to implode.”


Then last fall, Gallup published the results of a survey that revealed Hillary to have favorable ratings than Obama … and that was before the healthcare fiasco, the Sestak meddling, the dissing of Israel, the BP oil spill, etc.  Gotta think her gap is even greater now.


Source: Gallup, Hillary Clinton Now More Popular Than Barack Obama October 15, 2009

* * * * *

These days, Bill is running around trying to save Dem congressional candidates who are trying to distance themselves from Obama.

Think Obama — with his approval rating down to 41% and even mainstream media questioning his competence — is looking over his shoulder ?

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