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Something doesn’t square in the Louisville case …

September 24, 2020

OK, the cops knocked — even though they had a no knock warrant … and they announced themselves as cops when they entered the apartment. That’s confirmed by a witness.

The boyfriend admits to having fired the first shot, wounding one of the cops.

The 2 cops who entered the apartment returned fire … the wounded cop fired 6 shots … the other officer fired 10 shots … that’s 16 shots.

There are no reports that any of the 16 shots hit the boyfriend (who had fired at the cops).

But, 6 of the the 16 shots hit Ms. Taylor, though she was reported to still be in the bedroom when all of the shots were fired.

The FBI determined that the fatal shot came from one of the 2 cops who entered the apartment.

What am I missing?

First, how did all 16 cop-shots miss the boyfriend-shooter?

Second, how did 6 cop-shots hit Ms. Taylor if she was still in the bedroom?


Maybe some of the cop-shots landed on the boyfriend but that isn’t being reported.

And, maybe Ms. Taylor was in the line of fire, proximate to her shooter-boyfriend … or, her bedroom was in the line of fire and hershooter-ducked to safety.

If the latter is true, it makes sense that Ms. Taylor got hit … especially in the “fog or war” in a darkened apartment.

Side question: Why do these raids have to be done in the middle of the night? That appears to increase the risk for both cops and suspects.

But, if she was still in the bedroom .. and the bedroom was a relatively safe harbor out of the line of fire, how did she get hit with 6 shots?

A 3rd officer — the cop charged with “wanton recklessness” — fired 10 shots from outside the apartment.

The FBI lab concluded that the fatal shot did not come from the 3rd officer.

Did any of the 3rd officer’s shots hit Ms. Taylor?  Or, did they all go into the neighbor’s apartment?

That strikes me as a pivotal question


My inclination is to support the police and the Grand Jury’s decision, but I just can’t get all of the pieces to square.

Again, what am I missing?


P.S. Be sure to read the informative reader comment below.

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