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The top 100 brands … and the movers.

October 12, 2011

Interbrands’s has released its 2011 estimates of brand values.

First, the top 11.

I went 11 deep since  I think it’s noteworthy that Toyota gained in brand value despite the flap in the US over the alleged gas pedal problem.

Also, noteworthy is HP in 10th place …   obviously doesn’t reflect the recent turmoil there.

Rest of the list are the usual suspects.


* * * * *
Here are the biggest gainers in brand value from 2010 to 2011.

Note that VW and Audi earned nice gains.


* * * * *
And, here are the biggest losers in brand value from 2010 to 2011.

Only surprises  (to me) is IKEA and MTV.  It’s a bummer getting old …


For the article, methodology and interactive chart click here

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