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Chasin’ the ladies … ditch the wine, pour the whiskey.

November 10, 2011

Take Away: Jim Beam looks to boost its market share by diversifying its product portfolio with lighter, fruiters drinks aimed at women. Jimmy hopes to drive new in-home occasions with females, tapping into the ‘ladies night-in’ concept.

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Excerpted from, “Jim Beam pulls a gender bender

… After 216 years of catering to guys’ guy, with tattooed singer Kid Rock as a pitchman — Jim Beam whiskey is now chasing women.

Two years ago, 100 percent of our marketing was geared to men,”

Beam  is now touting women-friendly Courvoisier cognac infused with red wine, tart Pucker vodka, and low-calorie Skinnygirl-brand cocktails … trying to reach female consumers with lighter or fruitier quaffs they can consume outside of bars and restaurants.…

* * * * *

The gender-bending marketing shift happened almost by accident.

In 2009 the distiller introduced a black cherry-infused version of Jim Beam called Red Stag and signed Kid Rock to pitch the product.

As sales took off, Beam discovered that women were buying the sweeter concoction at almost three times the rate at which they typically bought bourbon.

Further research revealed what the company marketing executives came to call the “girlfriend connectionWomen tend to drink with other women or in a very social setting.”

“We wanted to understand the emotional reasons why women drink wine or spirits.”

While women make up almost half of spirits drinkers, they consume just 25%  of the spirits sold — far less than their 58% of wine consumption,

“We started to understand how to move that wine occasion to a spirits occasion”

* * * * *

Sales of Beam’s Sauza tequila also benefited from the women’s focus.

About 57 percent of the tequila sold in the U.S. is mixed in margaritas,

Two-thirds of those margaritas are consumed by women. Yet tequila marketers always targeted men.

Sauza began marketing itself around the notion of a ladies’ night in,” hosting 1,000 in-home margarita parties and advertising on Food Network (SNI). …  the company teamed up with restaurants to brand so-called “Sauza-Ritas.”

* * * * *
The bottom line: Beam is rolling out drinks targeted at women to fuel sales in the $19.2 billion spirits business, which grew 2.3 percent last year.

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