Brainstorming strategic assumptions …

Question: What are the “killer assumptions” that underlie your strategy? 

STRATEGY & INNOVATION, Not-So-Risky Business, September 16, 2009

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Start by asking:

Who is the end user?
What are they willing to pay?
Will they have to change their behavior?

What constitutes “good enough”?
What are the technical challenges?
Are there logical external partners?
Do we have/need IP protection?

Profit System:
What price makes sense?
What do we expect in terms of trial/repeat purchase?
What capital investment is required?
What marketing support will be needed to launch?

Who are the necessary channel partners?
Are they willing to push the solution?
What incentives are required?

Who are they?
How do we expect them to respond?
How quickly?
What impact would it have?

Do we have the capabilities required?
Are resource allocation processes conducive to success?
Will we gain buy-in from key internal constituents?

How scalable is the solution?
What are the stepping stones to the broader opportunity?
How will we achieve longer-term competitive advantage?
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Full article:

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