MediCare & Seniors’ Rx Plans … either cut ’em or shut the blank up!

Here are my pets from the Team Obama budget and the yak that romanced its announcement …

  1. I’m officially tired of hearing the President whine that Bush created the deficit with his “costly prescription drug plan”.  If Team O doesn’t like it, then show some cahones and cut it.  Otherwise stop strolling down memory lane.  (Note: they don’t have the fortitude to kill it — it’s just a talking point.)
  2. Half of ObamaCare ($50 billion per year) was to be funded with MediCare waste and fraud.  Why don’t they get cracking on the waste and fraud this afternoon?  They said it’s low hanging fruit, so let’s pick it !
  3. Limit the itemized tax deductions high earners can claim for charitable donations.  Let me make sure I understand this: The Feds borrow $100 million from the Chinese to give to the Haitians … and then turn around to starve the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and other charitable groups that actually do something.
  4. Repeal a widely ignored law that taxes the personal use of company-issued cell phones like other fringe benefits.  Have you ever looked at your phone bills to see how much is already paid in taxes ?
  5. The budget is silent on the tanning salons’ excise tax. Nuts. That’s at the top of my list.

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