When it comes to social media, Coke shifts direction to swim with the current

Takeaway: A recent change in Coke’s online strategy proves that even the largest global consumer brand needs help when it comes to social media.

To that end, the company plans to close its proprietary sites and take its act to Facebook and YouTube. Though these sites offer enormous audiences, the channels are cluttered with a nearly endless host of distractions.

Marketers stay tuned. Will Coke’s decision to forgo a captive few (relatively speaking) for a distracted many bubble Coke’s bottom line? 

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Excerpt from HubSpot, “Coke Abandons Plan for Campaign Websites to Invest in Social Media” by Shannon Sweetser, January 13, 2010.

In an attempt to fish where the fish are, Coke has said goodbye to its one-off campaign websites in favor of building a presence on existing social media including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

We would like to place our activities and brands where people are, rather than dragging them to our platform,” said Coke’s interactive marketing manager.

Coke will now either completely forgo building a campaign website or simply create a landing page for that campaign with a call to subscribe to one of their existing social media communities.

What’s interesting is while the major B2C appears to be consolidating their efforts, Pepsi had decided to forego its 23rd year of Super Bowl advertising in order to invest in a proprietary crowd-sourcing community called The Pepsi Refresh Project.

For a B2C company like Coke, this move might be a smart one.  Building a one-off website every single new campaign can be an expensive and slow process when you factor in build time and quality assurance reviews, then there’s the effort and man-power involved in up-keeping the community you have created. 

Right now Coke is charged with managing and maintains more than seven different domains including MyCoke.com and Live Positively, so really they’re just consolidating their resources into one common goal – to build the company’s reach using social media and drive brand enthusiasm through established channels. 

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