20/20 Hindsight: Obama’s critical mistake … coming from me, this will surprise you.

Here’s a take I haven’t heard from the pundits …

Obama is getting slammed – justifiably if you ask me – for flailing (and failing) as an executive.

Even Lib Dems are raising the competency issue.  Much chatter about his complete lack of executive experience and his entourage of lawyers, academics, and politicos. 

Not a business exec or “operating person” in sight … think goofy Joe Biden dishing stimulus money to non-existent zip codes or creepy Ken Salazar threatening BP or clueless Robert Gibbs spouting nonsense about what corporate boards do.

Obama fashions himself as a CEO. 

My take: he’s more akin to a non-executive chairman of the board … think Tony Hayward’s boss at BP.  A mega-high altitude thinker who occasionally prods the organization for better performance.

But, I’ll give Obama the CEO title.

What he’s missing is a strong, operations-oriented COO reporting to him.  Somebody who’s into details, has mental toughness, and has a propensity to get things done.

Somebody like – here it comes – Hillary Clinton.

Can’t you imagine her on the Gulf right now – kicking butt without waiting for a committee to tell her who to target – working 24 hour days to make stuff happen ?

I disagree with  Hillary on practically all policy issues and question her motives, but I’ve always conceded her aggressiveness and qualifications.

Obama ruled her out as VP because he felt threatened by her (my opinion) and because he didn’t want to operate in Bill’s shadow (Obama says).

The irony is that now Obama is counting on Bill to save the Dem’s butts in the November elections.

Imagine what the Obama administration would be like with Hillary running the operations …

One Response to “20/20 Hindsight: Obama’s critical mistake … coming from me, this will surprise you.”

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