How’s your productivity today ? … More or less than $1 billion per minute?

Show ‘em you’re boss – Step #1

Summon the top execs of a (foreign) mega-corporation to the White House.

Show ‘em you’re boss – Step #2

Demand that they ante $20 billion into a recovery slush fund.

Show ‘em you’re boss – Step #3

Leave the meeting after 20 minutes.

* * * * *

Productivity = $1 billion per minute = pretty good

* * * * *

Implication: If O can keep up the pace, the National Debt will be gone in no time.

* * * * *

Question: Why did BP ante in without a fight ? 

Dumb or something up their sleeve?

I’m watching their sleeves …

One Response to “How’s your productivity today ? … More or less than $1 billion per minute?”

  1. Laj Says:

    I think quite a few news outlets have pointed out that BP earned some immunization against potential lawsuits and liabilities by agreeing to pay the Government. Litigation and Government action could easily have bankrupted them, and we aren’t even getting into the potential lawsuits/demands they could have faced from competitors for the 6 month drilling ban.

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