“A Whale” turns out to be a minnow …

OK, I was sucked in by the hype.

The super-skimmer “A Whale” – whose deployment was delayed by the union-protecting Jones Act — was supposed to be capable of pulling 50,000 barrels of oil from the Gulf waters every day.

In tests, it skimmed approximately no oil from the Gulf.

‘All we found in the tanks was water … it was very ineffective.’


* * * * *

Excerpted from Reuters: ‘Super skimmer’ a giant bust in Gulf cleanup, July 16, 2010

A Taiwanese-owned “super skimmer” sent to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has been a bust, the U.S. Coast Guard said after tests on the ship.

“While its stature is impressive, ‘A Whale’ is not ideally suited to the needs of this response.”

The tanker collected virtually no oil in two weeks of tests.

“All we found in the tanks was water, so it was very ineffective.”

Full article:

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