Adults Only: A Trojan horse or a Trojan for horses ?

Hate to drag HomaFiles down to this level, but this one is too good to pass up.

Punch line: Since introducing its Magnum line of plus-size condoms,  industry leader Trojan’s market share and profits have surged.

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From Psychology Today …

Few marketers are as fortunate as condom makers, whose customers are glad to pay a premium for a product that isn’t really much bigger or better.

Trojan markets its Magnum line of condoms as “Bigger than most condoms …  designed to fit those that find normal condoms too constricting.”

Oh, yes, and then there are Magnum XL’s … an upsell version.

It’s easy to see why men fall for this particular sales pitch.

“The Magnum brand is viewed as a positive lifestyle badge and positive symbol … men are proud to show they carry a Magnum condom — the large size carries a certain cachet.”

The economics:  A box of 12 regular Trojans retails for around $5.99; a box of 12 Magnums or Magnum XLs is $7.99. That’s a 33 percent premium.

Trojan confesses that it’s hard to imagine Magnum buyers doing the math … and since Magnum condoms are only 3/10 of an inch longer than regular Trojans – and since XLs are the the same length as Magnums … all of the condoms cost about the same to make, so the Magnum’s price premium is pure profit.

As an academic observer notes: “I think the concept of having more sizes is a step forward for the industry … But you could never market them as small, medium and large, because no one would buy the small.”

Excerpted from Behavioral Economics: Monetizing the Male Ego, April 28, 2010

* * * * *


Trojan, including Magnum, commands 75 percent of the condom market, with No. 2 Durex commanding 14 percent.

The company claims Magnum is the most popular condom among African-Americans, citing internal research that indicates they account for 22 percent of all condom purchases but 40 percent of Magnum purchases.

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