"Young People and Minorities Are All the President Has Left"

That’s the headline on the National Journal’s new poll of Americans, conducted with the Pew Research Center.

Digging into the details:

  • Obama still retains support among voters under 30 , but even there his excellent or good job rating is only 45%, as opposed to 47% who rate him fair or poor.
  • His worst numbers are with voters aged 50 to 64, only 34% of whom rate him positively.
  • Minority voters are still solidly behind the president, with 76% of blacks expressing approval. A majority of Hispanic voters also still approve.
  • Among non-Hispanic whites, the bottom has dropped out. Only 30% score Obama positively, with 66% rating him fair or poor.
  • White women who are college graduates give Obama a 39% positive job rating; 31% of white men with a similar educational background do.
  • Only 31% of white women without a college degree rate the president well; only 22% of men without a college degree .

WSJ, For Obama, Even the Good News Is Bad, Sept. 30, 2010


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